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MY.com has said from the beginning that Revelation Online’s CBT1 (Closed Beta 1) was ultimately a glorified stress test and that CBT2 will be the “real” beta test. In CBT2 they added a lot of English translations so it’s certain that they were continuously working on the back-end. At the beginning of CBT2 all quests up to level 49 were translated and at the end of CBT2 they announced “…all of the localization is now confirmed and has reached its finalization steps. Meaning all quests and dialogues are now in English and that the next phase should occur fairly early in 2017 and grant a significant increase in the level cap.” It has since been announced that January 19 will be the beginning of CBT3 and that the level cap will increase to 69.

I won’t get into a ton of detail with anything in specific, there’s already dozens of detailed guides available, I’m just giving a general impression of the game. To start with, character creation is extremely detailed. You can alter everything from your eyebrows, nose or cheek bone height to hand, leg or even neck length. You can add a great variety of hair styles, makeup and scars and alter the color scheme of almost everything.

Even after creation, building up your character is quite complex. You have a totally customizable character build with four main attributes that can all affect DPS and/or defense with progression coming from skill points you allocate at each level gain. Later you also gain access to your soul grid that uses soul stones to further customize and enhance your character build. Most of your combat abilities level up through use of each ability and there are many more powerful special combat abilities that you need to purchase and/or find skill books before you’re able to use them. There are also many different factions in the game that sell you things like skills books, weapons and armor, temporary boosts and many other various items once you have gained enough reputation with them.

The world Nuanor is massive, open and beautiful. There’s so much to see and do it’s just fantastic. Luckily, you not only get a mount fairly early in the game, you quickly forget about it almost completely and just fly everywhere with your own pair of wings! You could fly high up in the sky then immediately swoop down into the ocean for some pearl diving before climbing back out onto land. You can even float in the air to some degree and literally run on top of water if you like.

Besides the main quest line there are also tons of side quests, dailies, guild quests and special quests you can run. The choice of what you want to do is yours but you actually need to branch off of the main quest line in some fashion or you’d be too under-leveled to continue. The rewards for the main quest line are well worth it but it’s not all you do by a long shot.

Crafting is usually something I quite enjoy but I didn’t try at all in this build. I’m happy to say that it looked quite complex but with an initial general absence of English on all crafting description and items (in CBT1) I just decided to concentrate on figuring out building and upgrading the guild hall instead (which was just as time consuming and difficult!)

Guilds are not just a name and a chat option. Though we hadn’t finished exploring or building most of the massive guild hall and it’s surrounding area yet the guild does offer buffs and other perks for members. It also has many of its own daily quests you can do and the best part is they aren’t the same ones every day. I’ve seen at least 20 different quests and you can only do 10 a day maximum so there’s some variety there already. There are also multiplayer guild games built into the guild hall that give both the players and the guild rewards for completion.

After playing for four weeks now I know we’ve barely scratched the surface and there’s a lot more of the world that they haven’t even finished or implemented. The world is huge and already quite beautifully detailed but there still are many places that currently lack any purpose. Luckily, most of those have placeholders that show us that there is more to come. The character development, quests, dungeons, raids and crafting are all complex enough to keep it interesting for a long time to come. I’m already anxiously awaiting CBT3 to try even more out now that the translations are finished. This also makes me even more excited for the open beta coming sooner rather than later…

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