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Neverwinter is a game that many did not think would still be active to this day, including some inside this community, but here it stands.  What can we say about this game except ITS FREAKING NEVERWINTER.  If you have a love for D&D lore and are looking for a great game with one of the best combat systems you have ever played you are here.  The game was originally going to be subscription based but at the last min was turned to free to play.  This has been good and bad in many ways for the game but most importantly you can tell that a good team put the basics of this game together.  It feels great to play and has a very smooth action based combat system.

The game started off with some amazing content and wonderful story.  Many things have changes since then with several mods.  we have seen some very iconic lore in this game covering many of today’s biggest story’s in the forgotten realms world.  Playing this game is like exploring one of your favorite D&D books with so many of the great characters that mad them special.  The world covers many of the great locations inside forgotten realms, and continues to come out with new modes that open up new lore and locations for you to explore.  This is a must play for any fan of D&D.

The guild in Neverwinter joined our community because of the connection it had to many of the members here that moved on to new games.  They wished to grow and find new opportunities  while staying close to the friends that they have made inside this game.  Many of them have been playing this game since the first days of its OBT launch and are extraordinary knowledgeable about the game.  They have the highest rank of guild stronghold within in the game and are currently running the top content inside the game as they have been since the early days.  They continue to grow and stay strong within the game looking forward always to what great new things are to come, and are welcome to all new explores that wish to join them.

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