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  •    Our Final Fantasy 14 division might be late getting into the game starting to really grow 2 years after launch but that by no means represent the community’s interest into this game.  We have many players that started playing this game in the early days of the game that just did not have the right home to play with.  Now that we have all come together this is one of our fastest growing division, with us getting ready to start up our second static raid group and enough new players coming up through the ranks that hopefully it won’t be too long till will we are working on a third.
  •    We are currently and forever recruiting for the FF14 division with a max of 512 players per Free Company there is plenty of space to grow.  We are looking for all levels of players, from long term vets that are ready for end game raids to those trying out the game for the first time.  We have no requirements for this division other than the normal for our community such as TS and applying on the forums.  We welcome all new players offering a home where they can not only grow but find help and groups for end game content when they reach it.
  •    Our first Static raid group is currently working on A11S with weekly clears of A9-10s and our second raid group is working on A9S.  We are looking forward to the the new raid coming early 2017 and the expansion later that year.  We have many different interest within the game raiding, PVP, crafting (with some excellent crafters if we are being honest), and of course those that love to make the guild house look amazing.

  •      As this division grows we are constantly looking for new players and members to join us in all aspects of the game, whether it be leveling your first character or your last.  We will do guild events, palace runs, raid nights, and any other fun and exciting group content that our members show interest in doing.  By far at this time the most important thing for most of our members is the raid nights and working to complete the most difficult content in the game.
  •    With FF14 being supported by a great company and plenty of content we expect this to be a long lasting and consistent division that members will not only be able to play for a long time but come back to when new content is released or there other games start to become less enjoyable.  We look forward to what this division will bring us in the years to come not only in content but in amazing players that will join us to play this game.

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